Password Safe vs. Avast Password

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jkim | pon črc 16, 2018 4:39 pm

Password Safe vs. Avast Password

Prosím o názory a zkušenosti k těmto správcům hesel, dají se bez obav používat?

Password Safe ... 24816?mt=8

Avast Password ... 79526?mt=8
18.11.2018 13:30
Velikost: 36 MB
Cena: US$ 3.99
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Netanel Software
Password Safe - iPassSafe 12.00
◆ iPassSafe Protects Your Privacy ◆

Supports iPhone, and iPod touch. If you own an iPad, please check out iPassSafe Pro - universal app (Supports iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch).

○ Using iOS AES-256 encryption to automatically encrypt all your data as soon as it's stored in iPassSafe by a Master Password that only you know
○ All data stored on your device only (cloud is optional)
○ Self destruct option after 10 tries
○ Logout timer when inactive
○ Lock timer when using other App
○ Delete clipboard (optional)
○ Strong Built-In Password Generator to create unique passwords
○ Stay anonymous, account creation is not needed
○ Touch ID support

• 24 x Custom categories you can design as you want
• 19 x Built-in categories including:
○ Logins (Web, Email, FTP...)
○ Credit Cards
○ Photos (from Gallery/Camera)
○ Bank accounts details
○ Safe/PIN numbers
○ Text notes
○ Documents (PDF, Word, Excel, PPT ...)
○ Contacts with Build-it call/send email option
○ ID cards
○ Passports
○ Driving License
○ Software License

○ Fill Login directly in Safari App, by iPassSafe
○ New Logins pulled in from Safari App to iPassSafe
○ Support auto login with 3 (up to 4!) Parameters
○ Icons pulled in from any of your websites automatically !

○ 5 Sync options (iCloud, Dropbox, FTP, AirDrop & Email)
○ All data get encrypted before sync
○ Cloud is optional but not a requirement

○ Integrates with iOS 12's Authentication Services framework,
allowing users to seamlessly autofill usernames and passwords directly from the QuickType bar to apps and Safari
○ Air Print (Single/All Items)
○ Contact import from Address Book
○ Call & Send Email to private contact using App
○ Login to private Gmail/Yahoo account from App
○ Built-in browser with auto/manual login
○ Built-in search tool
○ Dynamic sorting option
○ Multiple Databases (per users or contents)
○ Private Expiry Reminder (Credit card, Driving License...)
○ Available in 17 languages

○ iPassSafe provides top rate data security together with intelligent and user-friendly interface for rapid access
○ No hidden cost - You pay only once and get all features without any subscription

iPassSafe is available on AppStore since early 2011 with more than 600,000 users worldwide, it delivers most comprehensive, user friendly and reliable solution to personal data security.

1. Remember Your Password !
without it , you will not be able to see your data.

2. Backup is not done automatically, the user is responsible for such a backup (IDB file) using features (iCloud, Dropbox, email, FTP ...) exists in iPassSafe to avoid loss of data when device is lost, damaged or any other reason, furthermore iPassSafe is NOT providing any direct cloud service, password retrieval, or backup service for security reason (all data stored on your device only!), user need to decide where to do the backup (iCloud, user's private Dropbox account, user's diskonkey using FTP, or user's email ...), the user is also responsible for this backup safety.

3. Sync is not merging data, you have to keep all updated data on one device and use sync option upload file, then load and activate with a password on all your other devices

4. Smart auto login algorithm is compatible with most web sites


"I have been using this app for years now to keep all my passwords and sensitive information,and have found it easy to use and would not hesitate to recommend it."

I have spent 4 evenings loading and trying out at least 29 Password Keepers and have finally found one that is straight forward to use with enhanced security.

"Analyst - Perfectly fit my business need"
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30.05.2019 12:52
Velikost: 85 MB
Cena: US$ 0
Hodnoceni: 4.5
od 782 lidí
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AVAST Software
Avast Passwords 1.15.4
At Avast we’ve been thinking a lot about how to make logging into all of your different accounts easier, faster and more secure. Introducing Avast Passwords – our secure solution that makes logging in safe and easy.

Logging into different websites and accounts can be a hassle. Gmail. Facebook. Your online banking. Who can remember all those usernames, passwords and pin codes? With Avast Passwords you can store all your login details in one secure place – right at your fingertips and protected by a single master password. So you can sign in faster without reusing your passwords – or worse, saving them on your browser.

With Avast Passwords you can:

- Create strong, unique passwords for each of your accounts
- Save and store all your login details is a secure place
- Safely store your personal information
- Automatically auto-fill online forms via a floating button
- Automatically auto-fill online forms using a Safari extension, available from the bottom bar
- Synchronize your passwords across your platforms and devices
- Use One Touch Login to securely access all your accounts on your computer by just tapping the screen on your mobile
- Be notified if any of your passwords has been leaked

Avast Passwords makes logging in to any of your accounts easier and safer than ever.

- Save time logging into websites and accounts
- No need to hide your passwords and pin codes in unsecure places
- No need to memorize or write down a bunch of different passwords
- Never forget and have to restore a password again
- Feel secure knowing that all your passwords are strong and hard to break
- Keep all your sensitive data organized in one secure place accessible from all your devices
- Feel safe knowing that your personal info is safe and secure
- No need to come up with new login details each time you sign up for a new site

Keep all your passwords, PINs and logins safely at your fingertips.

Try Avast Passwords and give us your feedback!

We are continuously improving the look and feel and fixing bugs so you always have the best experience while using our app. If this is not the case, please let us know!
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sob črc 29, 2017 7:52 pm

Uživatelský avatar rony | pon črc 16, 2018 6:44 pm

Re: Password Safe vs. Avast Password

Preco ti nevyhovuje zabudovany Keychain (Klucenka) v iOS? Mozno by ti nakoniec mohol stacit.

Ze si nespomenul 1Password chapem (je sice zadarmo ale niektore funkcie zrejme dostanes az po zakupeni v aplikacii).
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Uživatelský avatar parmin | úte črc 17, 2018 11:14 am

Re: Password Safe vs. Avast Password

Klíčenka je super, ale taky používám ještě samostatnou aplikaci na hesla. Důvod je jednoduchý - kvůli práci, kde máme Windows, aplikací a hesel jak máku a tak není jiná možnost ;-)
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iPhone expert
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jkim | úte črc 17, 2018 1:26 pm

Re: Password Safe vs. Avast Password

Ano, protože klíčenka je použitelná jen s iOs.
1Password je sice pěkná, ale nechci platit měsíčně či ročně za další appku, proto hledám jinou prověřenou alternativu.
Nemám problém zaplatit jednorázově, ale tyto časově omezené licence mě nebaví. Dnes není výjimkou mít v domácnosti x zařízení a když si člověk spočte všechny nutné roční poplatky za systém, sw, av, app, účty apod. dělá to pěkný balík...
Výše uvedené aplikace vypadají dobře, tak mě zajímají názory nebo zkušenosti s nimi.
Příspěvky: 24
sob črc 29, 2017 7:52 pm

TheSalko | úte črc 17, 2018 7:45 pm

Re: Password Safe vs. Avast Password

Na iOS: ... 22963?mt=8

Na win:

Spojené cez Dropbox, môže byť aj cez iCloud. Dropbox mi príde lepší.
18.10.2018 22:52
Velikost: 46 MB
Cena: US$ 2.99
Hodnoceni: 4.5
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QR code
App77, LLC
pwSafe 2 - Password Safe 9.2
pwSafe 2 offers Touch ID, Face ID, Safari and apps autofill, iPhone Xs screen optimized, iPhone landscape mode, adaptive text, a new design and much more on top of pwSafe 1.

Easy, secure and full featured password management across devices and computers. pwSafe uses iCloud or Dropbox to keep your password databases backed-up and synced between your iOS devices and computers. It is compatible with open source Password Safe. No in-app purchases are needed for unlimited usage, including iCloud sync (see below).

Now available for the Mac with iCloud Sync -

This application is not related to any application developed and/or marketed by PSafe Tecnologia S/A, including PSafe Total.

== What people are saying about pwSafe:

***** "Brilliant! - Passwords in sync at last!" -- Daddio1946 from Australia
***** "Great integration and support - PasswordSafe is great and this app makes it even better! Easy to setup and use. Their support for big fixes is great and the turn around time is short." -- Joeartz from the USA
***** "Very good, better than it's rivals, does what it's supposed to do AND the copy-feature is EX-CELLENT!" -- WaiWera from New Zealand
***** "I highly recommend this app for anyone who has a large number of usernames or hard-to-remember passwords." -- razor11401 from Canada
***** "Excellent tool for multiplatform password storage - Excellent tool that enhances my online security by creating complex and long passwords without the inconvenience of retyping them time and time again." -- AmberTiara from Neaderland

== List of features:

- TouchID unlocks
- Safari and apps autofill (extension)
- Smart Pasteboard: tilt your device face down to switch between username and password when using other apps
- Can open safes from any cloud service with an iOS 8 Storage Provider Extension
- Print a hardcopy of your data
- New iPad with Retina display & iPhone 5 support
- iCloud sync, realtime and bi-directional
- Dropbox sync**, fully automatic and bi-directional
- Password generation
- Master password
- Universal binary - iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch optimized
- Compatible with the famous open source Password Safe desktop app
- Search all fields
- Organize entries in groups
- Single tap password copy to clipboard
- Single tap password copy to clipboard and open website
- Clear password from clipboard after one minute
- Multiple fields (title, username, password, URL, email and notes)
- Full unicode support
- iTunes file sharing
- Receives safes as e-mail attachments (please name your safes with a .psafe3 extension)
- Opens safes from Dropbox (free without sync, paid otherwise)
- Export to PDF (encrypted, of course)
- Password history (per safe and per entry settings)
- Named password policies
- Fully compatible with Password Safe version 3.31 file format
- Multiple safes
- Unlimited passwords
- Unlimited password groups
- Open source

** Syncing via Dropbox is an In-App purchase.

Instead of trusting on a single developer security knowledge, pwSafe borrows all its encryption code directly from the famous Password Safe open source password manager (

Password Safe has been originally created by security guru Bruce Schneier and nowadays is maintained by Rony Shapiro. Since it has been around as an open source project for more than a decade now, it has been extensively reviewed by many experts.
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